Annette Hunsley

My Skywatcher 130pds (nickname Clara) on an iOptron Eq mount.  The camera is a (second-hand) Canon EOS 500D.  Still learning the capabilities of this set up.
I love a daytime moon, known in our house as a Deathstar! This was captured back in May 2020 when we were enjoying clearer skies.
Probably THE astronomical event of 2020, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn.  Captured here with my iPhone through the eyepiece.
Having a play with photoshop as it’s been cloudy for a while.  Inverted moon.
One of my first captures of 2021.  Near quarter moon on 18 February. 
Starting to get a handle on my rig.  Better focus & detail.  Very pleased with this one.
The results from my pinhole Solarcan camera. Captured the path of the sun for 6 months – solstice to solstice.